Foundations of Science

science 8

Prepare to meet physical science and God! Double wow!! Experiment like a professional! Explore the atom and the phenomena of atomic bonding! Solve the mysteries of chemical equations! Learn about the amazing abilities of lasers and gravity! Delve into the different energy states and levels in God's world. Scientific study and knowledge can be fascinating not only to the pure science student, but to the student of the humanities/arts as well!

Your student will learn important science easily and thoroughly through the use of both the Bible-based textbook and workbook. All science concepts are presented in a careful step-by-step approach. Easy-to-do experiments are also included that have been tested to validate their success for your student.

The textbook is carefully written in an understandable format to help your student enjoy learning the science behind the many aspects of life on earth. Through this course, your student will acquire a deeper understanding of God's hand and wisdom in the many details of the universe.

This course includes a large workbook that is specifically designed to help your student enjoy science as he/she follows a sequence of learning experiences that reinforce the information being covered. The study sections in the workbook include a variety of activities to enhance learning.

"The thing I like most about this course is its ease-of-use!"
Holly Cameron, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

#93150 SCIENCE 8: $70.00
(Includes a FREE Periodic Table )


  • 182 Lessons
  • Daily Lesson plans
  • Course instructions
  • Periodic table
  • Quizzes
  • Tests
  • Answers
  • Grading instructions

Extra special benefits included in this course are as follows:

  • Bible-honoring devotionals written for teenagers
  • Fascinating biographies of believing scientists
  • Complete Periodic Table of the Elements color-printed on heavy card stock
  • Fun educational experiments using common household products


#23110 Additional textbooks: $30.00

#23120 Additional workbooks: $30.00

#23130 Additional quizzes, tests, and answers: $10.00

#24090 Additional PERIODIC TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS: $3.50


I had the privilege of reviewing the grade 7 science program last year, and this grade 8 year is more of the same quality educational material you can expect from this company.

The thing that I like the most about this course is its ease-of-use. Once explained, the student can go through the whole course mostly independently, yet the material covered is very high quality and prepares the student for upper level sciences in a way most science courses for younger grades don't. The authors have taken a lot of the basic concepts of high school science and brought them down into the middle school year. The concepts are examined in a step-by-step process, and the student learns to master them so they can begin high school science with a baseline knowledge. The eighth grade course covers physical sciences and life sciences, and gets the student very familiar with the periodic table, the atom, the plant cell, and other high school topics. So instead of spending the first few months teaching the periodic table in the high school years, the student is already extremely familiar with it, and can jump right into the upper level courses.

The format is the same as for their grade 7 course, it is a 187 day study. A weekly lesson guide is included as well as quizzes, tests, and the answer key for all! There is also a textbook and a workbook. A coupon for a lab kit is included with the books when you receive them, you just mail it back to the company and you will receive a box of lab materials as well. This is an interesting idea. I can see how it could help to keep the materials safer and fresher. I was quite happy with the quality of the supplies.

It is very important not to skip around in this course, it is designed to be used in a systematic format and each principle or term learned will be used to build a solid scientific foundation. The quizzes and tests are an integral part of the process as your student will be able to use their results as a way to see where they need to concentrate their focus.

The course, is unashamedly Christian. There is an emphasis of the heavenly Father in all the details. The scriptures are used as a baseline and also as a highest reference. I love this, as a mom who above all wants her children to hunger and seek after Him, I just so appreciate that our heavenly Father is interwoven into all the pages of this curriculum. My children may have the highest education possible, but without the Messiah's love and redemption, they have nothing! This awesome company emphasizes Him in all aspects and allows me to have the high quality education I seek, but also the emphasis on Him.

The curriculum is complete and easy-to-use. If you are looking for a middle school/junior high curriculum that is selfdirected and complete in every way, you will love this program! I have seen and used many of the products from this author over the last few years, and I have yet to be disappointed. The course is a very academic, from a very Godly person, and I am confident that if you try any of the author's many courses, you will agree with me. My 13 year old son loves her science course and doesn't grumble when it comes time for science which, in my books, always helps!!!

Holly Cameron
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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