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Science Grade 7

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These science courses employ balanced whole brain learning skills to produce students who understand the concepts learned. The grade 7 package I looked at contains the textbook, the workbook, and a packet of quizzes, tests, and answers.

These courses recognize that much of science is too compacted into the upper grade levels for the students to adequately learn and absorb what they will need for their future, so these science courses have been written to combat this trend by pulling some of the basic concepts of high school science down into the middle school years. These concepts are then carefully explained in a slow step-by-step process so that your student will learn to master them. With these concepts understood, the student will then be able to begin high school science with a baseline knowledge that will help them slide into these courses more readily.

This science course emphasizes God/Yahweh in all the details of the universe. Students are constantly pointed towards Him and scriptures as the baseline and the highest reference in science study. The curriculum does not include evolution, but does include inspiring biographies and student devotions.

The textbook, workbook, quizzes and tests are designed to work together, and when used together correctly, the student will learn not only science principles but he/she must define important terms and find answers to pivotal and thought provoking science questions. The student will also analyze and write essays, as well as learn to teach someone else what he/ she has learned. This last step is emphasized thought the workbook when the student is asked to make up original questions that cover the most important concepts in the section they just studied.

This course is laid out for 183 days of study, and there is a weekly lesson guide in the text that is provided. It is highly recommended that you do not jump around in the text, but work from chapter to chapter as the concepts learned build on each other.

Here is how it works: on Day 1, the student completes the Definitions first, then reads the Study section and answers the corresponding questions in the workbook. On Day 2, the same Study section is reread and then the Think! Teach! and Write! sections of the workbook are completed. There are index cards to be made up on Day 2 as well. This schedule is followed until a quiz. These occur about every two or three study sections. There is a test at the end of every chapter. The same format is followed all the way throughout the course.

The Think! Teach! And Write! sections are pretty cool. They are designed to review the material by making the student think of it in different ways. For example, the students must prepare three questions covering the most important concepts of the sections, then write one paragraph about what was learned in the section.

The course starts out at the beginning discussing what science is and the branches of science. The chapters then go on to discuss physical sciences, such as chemistry, geology, meteorology, astronomy, physics; and, the final two chapters discuss life sciences in the realm of biology and scriptural health. The quizzes are all true and false type. The tests have questions that are to be answered in complete sentences as well as definitions to be written out. If your student follows this course he/she will have a very strong grasp on all the concepts of science and will be ready to start high school science without a worry!!!

This is a very complete course and there are several experiments to be done, using materials that can be easily found around the house. If you have a student who delights in workbooks and reading, then this is the course for you!!!

This is a great basic science course and I recommend it highly, especially for those of you with self-directed students, who just love to sit down with a text and a workbook and go!! They will highly enjoy this course!!

Holly Cameron
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

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