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Christian Literature and Writing

english 9 workbook

All contents are spiral bound in two books.


Individual Course Items

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Novels in the Textbook

  1. Pilgrim’s Progress - (original version) Next to the Bible, this is the second most read book throughout history! It is truly a classic novel about different Christian choices in light of the true Christian walk. In this deeply insightful book, Pilgrim deals with all types of people and situations that students encounter throughout life. The way he deals with them, his resolve, and his focus will strengthen your student's Christian walk.
  2. Little Women – (original version) Here is a classic novel about faith and Christian behavior between young men and young women. Among its many qualities, this book encourages and teaches a daily prayer walk, loving sibling relationships, and service to others. The original version restores the often-removed Christian elements.
  3. The Last First – Here is a excellent classic novel about how the choice of a college (without researching its true values) can adversely affect an individual’s Christian walk. The story is a very good explanation of what happens when families choose nonChristian institutions for higher education or Christian institutions whose biblical walk has been compromised.

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