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Lab Reports

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This textbook explains the reasons for writing lab reports. Next, the usefulness of the scientific method is discussed followed by a helpful section on how to choose an experiemnt or science project. The lab report preparation in this textbook is divided into two graduated levels.

Level One: This level teaches the steps of the scientific method, which are essential to understanding an experiment, from the selection of an experiment to the final results and conclusions. Your student is taught how to organize and observe an experiment while collecting data. Mrs. Nash's instructions also cover how to record this data in each preformatted log. She teaches good writing skills as well as how to transform and transfer the data and writing from the log to a preformatted lab report.

Level Two: This level expands the foundational skills taught in LEVEL ONE by teaching your student how to refine and master the lab report process to improve subject depth, analytical clarity, writing effectiveness, and report length. The result is the production of a top quality, secondary grade level lab report.

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