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Creative Writing

All contents are spiral bound in one book.

#11211 CREATIVE WRITING: $42.00
(For students in grades 5-12)

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I ordered your creative writing course for my 5th grade boy a couple of weeks ago. As soon as it came, we dug right in. We are taking our time with it, we took 4 days for Lesson 1, but after only one week we have gone from pulling teeth to get him to write more than 5 words in a sentence to, “Wow! Where did that come from?”

I know you will believe that the following example is all my son’s own words because you know how great this curriculum is. He brain stormed the first day with the chart you suggested; and then, I showed him how to fix misspellings. The second day, he wrote the first three sentences. Afterwards, I sat with him and helped him fix errors in grammar, punctuation, etc. The third day, he wrote the second paragraph and we corrected it together. The fourth day, he turned in the final draft and I only had to help him correct a couple of errors. I thought I’d share so that others can see that this really works!

Here is a sample of last month’s attempt to write a sentence (before your curriculum):

The tool floated to the surface.

Now, I know you said not to use movement on this first assignment, and I even think I know why, but I couldn’t hold him back when I saw the creativity your course had unlocked. This is the composition my son turned in as his final draft to Lesson 1:

The crystal clear water that sparkles, slowly runs down the fall and into a small pond. There are green bushes; some have berries on them. The trees reaching to the sky have green leaves and brown trunks.

Around the pond is soft, white sand. In the bushes three coyote pups lay; they are gray and very cute. Beside the fall are rocks we can climb on.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Suzanne T. Willis

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