The Story of "The Father's Books"

The Father's Books is the on-line division of Resurrection Resources, which was founded and funded by a home school family answering God's call to this work. The name "Resurrection Resources" was chosen with the on-line presence named "The Father's Books." These names were selected to give credit to the Father and Son as well as to clarify the Christian intent and content of our products.

Work began in 1990, with a novel for a church ministry and Bible studies for a variety of classrooms. Then requests came from home school moms for home school courses. They wanted textbooks and workbooks written for the home school classroom with a Biblical worldview that would help teach their students well. Because of the teaching successes of our Bible-based writing courses, we received requests to write home school textbooks in science, history, English, math, art, etc. Over the years since then, Resurrection Resources has published a variety of Biblically sound books and products that are used by parents, teachers, individuals, and students around the world.

When we were challenged to start a magazine, our dedicated staff prepared twelve months of articles to give mothers help, wisdom, support, and love.

Today, Resurrection Resources continues to be deeply committed to preparing home school textbooks and products for every school subject in grades K-12.