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Need teaching tips that really help? Not seeing the results you are seeking from your prayer efforts? Looking for ways to live realistically on one income? Is your family as healthy as you would like? Is it time to change up a few of your standard recipes and add some new ones? Does time management overwhelm you?

You've come to the right place! The Happy Home School Magazine is our on-line, subscription publication designed to help you develop a happy and successful home life and home school. Our magazine is chock full of articles, not ads, you can try out today!

Each month, The Happy Home School magazine features 20 fun and enriching departments where you will find truly encouraging articles written from a Biblical worldview. The articles about ACADEMIC SUBJECTS share in-depth teaching advice for successful learning with printable projects to bless your home school efforts. The DAILY WALK articles contain practical Biblical wisdom, prayer tips, skills for success, home management helps, thankful thoughts, money saving ideas, how to have a happy and healthy home life, family activities, and so much more!

"I was delighted to read about your monthly magazine - The Happy Home School. I am a mother of 2 teen boys and have been homeschooling them for 4 years now and loving it. There's always room for improvement and I am constantly looking for resources to keep things interesting and alive."
Valerie, Home School Mother


Welcome Wisdom
  • Wise Teaching
  • Wise Decisions
  • Wise Choices
  • Wise Boundaries
Prayer Pointers
  • Prayer Help
  • Prayer Tips
  • Prayer Secrets
  • Prayer Results!
Time Management

  • Get it done - finish things!
  • Get happy - enjoy the task!
  • Get rested - renew yourself!
  • Get peace - be content!
Thankful Thoughts
  • Gain Faith
  • Find Hope
  • Feel Loved
  • Be Blessed!

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