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Up, up, and away! Your student's math skills will soar with this Bible-based course containing engaging math lessons presented in a learnable format. Solid math skills are built with daily seat work and teacher-guided student exercises. The coloring book style consumable textbook includes a daily lesson plan as well as teacher's instructions with daily student exercises.

New second grade skills include learning about graphs, volume, multiplication, division, and Biblical money budgeting (earning, saving, and spending). The success-oriented learning activities also include new and review exercises in number sequences, counting, fractions, addition, subtraction, measuring, money, time, word problems, and the calendar.

This math course trains your child with Bible-honoring graphics, stories, values, themes, math problems, and math concepts! When your student closes the last page of this consumable textbook, he or she will be well-prepared for the third grade.

"I have enjoyed your curriculum."
Barbara, Retired Homeschool Mother

#72002 MATH 2 Set: $47.00


  • Consumable textbook
  • 180 Lessons
  • Daily lesson plan schedules
  • Easy teacher instructions for each lesson
  • Daily math preparation games or exercises
  • Lesson answers
  • Grading instructions
  • Math concept strengthening drills
  • Manipulatives - student clock, flash cards, fractions
  • Place value table
  • Money value games and more!

All contents are spiral bound in one book.

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