Biblical Worldview

Our staff works hard to keep our homeschool textbooks, workbooks, and products free of worldly ideas, philosophies, and practices while striving for each item to accurately handle the Word of God with maturity and balance. The miracle of the Resurrection and justification through faith in Jesus are pivotal. Our staff are mature, born-again believers who not only have years of accumulated Bible study and seminary study, but also decades of walking with Him in the application and teaching of His truth.

The world is full of sin and discerning the subtleties of sin's intrusion into the education offerings currently available in the marketplace is often difficult. We, however, are committed to protecting family values that are scriptural by writing our homeschool textbooks and workbooks with unwavering Biblical truth that sharpens student comprehension and deepens student discernment.

Our policy in preparing teaching and educational materials is to present and teach the truth of both the New Testament and Old Testament in an understandable, friendly format. This policy includes preparing homeschool subjects so that your student is guided to discover Biblical truth as it is being taught. The maturity of our staff, as well as their wisdom and depth of understanding the believer's walk, is also reflected in the contents of each course of study. Whether teaching character, wisdom, behavior, or knowledge, our books consistently present God's perspective, thereby building a firm foundation of Biblical truth in your student for his/her edification and maturation.

Education Goals

Textbooks in classrooms often change in style and methodology from year to year as a school chooses different publishers for different subjects. This strategy may result from many financial or situational issues but does not always work to produce an effective educational result. A student of this strategy is often poorly trained with lopsided skills, but in reality may have a very good aptitude to learn.

Our homeschool textbooks/workbooks are thorough, well-thought out, and built on a careful methodology of teaching from year to year, grade level to grade level. They integrate several learning styles and skills in each book to create a more balanced student who is better equipped to enter the job market or higher education and to succeed.

All of our homeschool textbooks and workbooks are intentionally prepared to meet these standards.

  1. Grade level and subject type requirements
  2. Develop multiple skill sets in each subject
  3. Contain easy-to-follow instructions
  4. Provide continuity from one grade level to the next
  5. Adhere to Biblical ethics, values, and truth

Our products are different because each one is written by a qualified, experienced, and college or university degreed homeschool teacher who has worked one-on-one with students over many years. The benefit of this personal method of teaching is that it truly gets at the heart of how a student learns what he/she needs to learn. From this specialized interaction, we are able to create homeschool textbooks, workbooks, and educational products that connect with each student.

Through a combination of homeschool textbooks/workbooks, consumable textbooks, and "hands-on" products, our homeschool subjects are designed so that long after a teaching session is over or a textbook reading is assigned, your student will still have a tutor built right into his/her curriculum. This enhances a student's educational success during classroom time and study time.

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