Christian Home School Textbooks

These popular textbooks provide a Christian education for grades K-12 with strong Bible-centered values. Each textbook and workbook is Biblically based and developed with a Biblical worldview. They are carefully designed and written to provide expertly directed teaching lessons. There are two types of texbooks to meet every home school learning style: GRADESMART TEXTBOOKS and PACESETTER TEXTBOOKS.

Developing Christian character is as important as achieving subject comprehension. Thus, these textbooks also contain instruction and studies to help develop this personal transformation as well as growth in academic subject skills. These Biblical standards as well as the excellent teaching produce quality textbooks.

You will especially enjoy Mrs. Nash's textbooks and workbooks, as she uses her extensive experience and knowledge in the home school setting to create each book with learning experiences that bring growth in skills and subject comprehension to every student. Her textbook and workbook combinations also develop balanced, whole brain learning.

"I am impressed with your curriculum. God bless you in your endeavors."
Marlene Baron, J.O.S.H. Support Group Leader in Florida. Homeschooling since 1995



Gradesmart textbooks follow the traditional student grade level requirements.



Pacesetter products allow you the flexibility to add a new subject textbook or book at any grade level.


Christian Home School Magazine

The Happy Home School Magazine is Mrs. Nash's monthly, on-line subscription publication designed to help mothers develop a happy home school based on Biblical principles.

Mrs. Nash's articles about ACADEMIC SUBJECTS share in-depth teaching advice and activities for successful learning with printable projects in art, history, English, and science to bless your home school efforts. Her DAILY WALK articles contain practical Biblical wisdom, prayer tips, skills for success, home management helps, thankful thoughts, money saving ideas, and family activities. You will also find encouraging Bible verses as well as fun recipes, designer aprons, and so much more!

To learn how you too can have a happy and successful home school adventure with your students, subscribe today!